John Wayne Airport ’s 2007 Passenger Survey : Customer Satisfaction Survey
The Redhill Group conducted a survey to measure travelers general opinions and attitudes about the airport as well as usage frequency.  The study consisted of both telephone and intercept surveys with residents and departing passengers.  The data provided information on airport facilities, services and amenities as well as feedback on customer service needs that are not being met.  Read more here.

Orange County Transportation Authority : SR-22 HOV Lane Performance Evaluation Study
In 2007, the Redhill Group conducted the SR-22 HOV Lane Performance Evaluation Study for Orange County Transportation Authority.  The study was done in preparation for a $550 million project to expand California’s Garden Grove Freeway, which would result in significant changes including conversion of limited access HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes to continuous access.  Redhill Group conducted an awareness study for carpoolers and commuters to measure support for opening HOV lanes during off-peak hours.   Read more here.

Southern California Regional Rail Authority : On-Board Performance Audit 
The Southern California Regional Rail Authority contracted with Redhill Group to ensure it’s providing the highest level of service to the community. The Redhill Group conducted ongoing audits of their operations for safety and customer satisfaction.  Read more here.