Redhill Group is a preeminent full-service market research firm specializing in Transportation, Entertainment, Customer Satisfaction, Mystery Shopping, Product Positioning and Ad Tracking. Redhill Group was founded in 1988 with the goal of helping clients assess their customer service through a combination of advanced research skills and marketing expertise. Businesses and organizations in both the private and public sectors have sought our expertise for over twenty years, benefiting from services ranging from focus groups to telephone surveys.

Creating customer feedback programs tailored to clients’ specific objectives and needs counts among Redhill Group’s chief areas of expertise. Our services have positioned hundreds of clients for the best possible customer service, improving business with increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention and positive word of mouth referrals.

Redhill Group is synonymous with quality research and reporting that provides insightful and actionable recommendations on every occasion. We are a different kind of research firm, achieving unparalleled efficiency and accuracy with complete in-house resources being among the many advantages we offer our clients. Our reputation for excellent quality control continues to garner many repeat clients along with new ones.