From digital downloads to the superior viewing quality that high-definition offers, entertainment options for the consumer have exploded over the past decade.

For fifteen years, Redhill Group has partnered with studios, retailers and hardware providers to produce key research and insight into consumer behavior and trends.  Redhill Group has been a trusted source of information on emerging entertainment technologies since the 90’s when we tracked and forecasted trends as consumers embraced DVD.  Today we are working with the industry to track behavior as consumers discover high-definition TV, Blu-ray and downloading and the devices that make entertainment mobile.

Redhill Group is synonymous with quality research and reporting.  From focus groups to telephone surveys, we offer custom-designed research projects that provide you with the key information needed to make informed business decisions.  From advertising awareness to intent-to-purchase studies, we can deliver the information when you need it.

We offer a suite of products that make it easy to stay informed on developing segments and technologies.  Our user-friendly reports are full of charts, graphs and insightful analysis.

DEG Expo-The State of the Digital Media Industry