Our Approach to Projects

Redhill Group’s approach to transportation research aims to suit client needs and reflect a complete understanding of project objectives and produce survey data findings that result in actionable recommendations. Steps taken by Redhill Group to this end include:

  1. Conducting a client meeting to ensure Redhill Group’s complete understanding of project objectives. Redhill Group is specifically interested in knowing how the data collected affects the nature of resulting decisions made as well as any related policy issues. Redhill Group uses this information to develop a list of data elements to be collected in support of the decision making process.
  2. Survey design begins based on mutually understood research objectives. Redhill Group’s initial effort to clearly identify necessary data elements results in targeted questions that effectively extract the desired information. During this stage Redhill Group takes care to eliminate biased or leading questions.
  3. Pre-testing survey instruments. Pre-testing survey instruments ensures questions are easily understood and the flow of questions works well. The results are communicated to the client for input before finalizing the survey instrument.
  4. Finalizing the survey instrument for the full survey. Redhill Group selects the days and times most suitable for reaching the target population when conducting CATI surveys. Respondents are pre-screened if needed. Each potential respondent gets a minimum of three callback attempts, and additional callbacks can be included on request. Our CATI system is programmed to track all call attempts, enabling automated reporting that can be included in survey results.

Redhill Group’s expertise in survey research allows our clients to spend less time managing their projects and more time making effective use of the results. Redhill Group provides the technical guidance and project leadership needed to be confident that the approach and methodology are best suited to the project objectives.