In-House Capabilities

Redhill Group’s complete range of research services include survey and sampling design, CATI, Internet and mail surveying, focus groups, executive interviewing and complete statistical analysis and reporting. Performing all project work in-house enables Redhill Group to provide clients with complete quality control. It also ensures a clear channel of communication and allows all project objectives to be achieved within the required timeline. In-house resources and specialized techniques have been instrumental in achieving above-industry average response rates, along with more valid and robust data.

All surveying work is performed in-house at Redhill Group’s state of the art 30-station call center employing Redhill Group’s proprietary CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing System) system, developed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of transportation research.

Redhill Group’s in-house capabilities include the following key project elements:

  1. Survey and sampling design is completed by Redhill Group staff with input and review by our clients. This ensures that Redhill Group completely understands all project objectives, and provides clients with the benefit of our extensive practical experience in transportation-related surveying.
  2. Experienced surveyors and supervisors who are versed in the subtleties of transportation research conduct all telephone surveying in-house at Redhill Groups CATI call center. This allows Redhill Group to provide detailed surveyor training for each project and silently monitor surveying in progress, guaranteeing that data is collected in a consistent and unbiased manner.
  3. Redhill Group gives clients the advantage of reaching important ethnic groups by routinely conducting surveys in English and Spanish. Surveys have also been conducted in Korean, Vietnamese and Mandarin Chinese.
  4. All data analysis is performed in-house. This includes everything from custom cross-tabulations to multivariate statistical analysis. Redhill Group goes beyond the standard data tables to provide actionable recommendations including color charts highlighting key findings.
  5. Redhill Group’s Total Quality Management program ensures the highest quality data possible. Beyond silent monitoring of surveyors, Redhill Group’s Total Quality Management program entails project-specific surveyor training, being staffed with full-time quality management supervisors and pre-testing surveys ensure that survey questions are clearly and consistently understood, and that they are effectively eliciting the desired information.