Total Quality Management

Redhill Group is committed to obtaining the highest quality data for its clients. This starts with a clear understanding of market research objectives and expert survey design. As survey projects are conducted, Redhill Group closely monitors every aspect. Key components of our Total Quality Management program include:

  1. Experienced questionnaire designers capable of developing survey instruments that will not introduce bias through question wording or order of presentation.
  2. Full-time quality management supervisors to assure data integrity. Immediate review of completed surveys to ensure completeness, accuracy and internal consistency. Random call-backs to respondents to verify selected responses.
  3. Use of Random Digit Dialing samples and automated tracking of contact attempts to survey “hard to reach” respondents with the same frequency as those more readily available. Redhill Group can also track responses to questions and revise sampling selection during survey execution to adjust for any non-response bias.
  4. Surveys are always pretested to make sure respondents clearly understand all questions and test alternative incentives.
  5. Silent monitoring of surveys in progress to ensure that questions are asked in a consistent and accurate manner, and that bias is not introduced with the surveyor’s tone of voice.

Redhill Group consults with each client to present the survey data in a manner that is meaningful and meets the client’s needs. Redhill Group staff then analyzes survey data to develop final reports with findings and actionable recommendations for decision makers.