Total Quality Management Program

Redhill Group has earned clients’ repeat business through a better understanding of their research needs and an industry-leading quality management program ensuring data is accurate, actionable and representative.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of Customer Satisfaction research is greatly influenced by the quality of data collection and data integrity Redhill Group provides.  The following measures are taken to achieve unbiased data:

  1. Thorough interviewer training. Redhill Group’s interviewer-training program teaches interviewers skills that help them achieve specific project objectives.  As part of the training, all of Redhill Group’s interviewers are required to complete test surveys prior to beginning actual data collection surveys.
  2. Silent monitoring.  Silent monitoring is an integral part of Redhill Group’s Quality Assurance Program.  Surveyors are routinely monitored throughout their shifts to check that questions are asked in a neutral tone.
  3. Supervisors periodically spot-check respondents’ answers.  Supervisors record answers throughout interviews, which are also recorded by interviewers.  Checking their answers against the interviewers’ is one measure we take in ensuring answers are correctly recorded.
  4. Easy access to survey data allows for constant verification.  Redhill Group’s CATI system allows easy access to survey data, making it easy to recognize any data that was inaccurately recorded.
  5. Redhill Group introduces itself to respondents as an independent research firm.  Pointing out that respondents are not speaking directly with the service/product provider increases the likelihood of receiving candid feedback.

The reliability of customer satisfaction data can also be influenced by the survey’s response rate.  Redhill Group makes sure to capture opinions from both satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

The research methodology developed and employed by Redhill Group achieves the highest possible response rate in a cost-effective manner by working around the customer’s schedule and offering numerous calling alternatives.  Redhill Group allows respondents to:

  1. Participate in a survey when they are called
  2. Schedule a callback appointment at the respondent’s convenience if they cannot participate at the time they’re called, or if the survey in progress is interrupted
  3. For respondents who are unavailable, Redhill Group leaves a toll-free number on their answering machine/voicemail, asking them to call us back.
  4. If only one call attempt was made to each potential survey respondent, the survey results would reflect feedback only from “easy to reach” customers.  To maximize survey participation rates, Redhill Group has a call-attempt tracking system allowing for multiple call attempts to be made to each potential respondents at varying times of the day.

These techniques have consistently achieved high response rates for Redhill Group.  Offering a number of convenient calling alternatives for respondents gives Redhill group wider survey participation and an improved level of data integrity.