In-House Advantages and Resources

Redhill Group houses a state-of-the-art, 30-station CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) call center onsite which is widely used in conducting Customer Satisfaction research.  Having an in-house call center ensures high data quality and quick turnaround time in a cost effective manner.   Redhill Group has proprietary software programmed into our CATI system to give clients maximum flexibility in terms of customized research programs.

Redhill Group offers its clients a complete customer satisfaction survey program that provides timely, actionable and cost-effective results.  Redhill Group conducts most Customer Satisfaction research by telephone so that customer feedback can be quickly obtained and communicated.  Telephone interviewing is preferred for the following reasons:

  1. With the faster turnaround times provided on telephone surveys, more actionable data is provided.
  2. Telephone research delivers much higher participation rates than mail and Internet surveys, thereby providing considerably more valid and representative information.
  3. Telephone surveys provide the opportunity to probe for more detailed and clearly understood explanations of the customer’s needs, further improving the quality of data.  Mail/Internet surveys have the potential for ambiguous responses and unanswered questions which Telephone surveys can avoid.
  4. Telephone surveys conducted on CATI systems significantly reduce the amount of lost information clients risk with illegible handwritten mail surveys and data entry errors.
  5. Telephone surveying provides an opportunity to alert businesses about dissatisfied clients in a timely manner, allowing them to remedy situations that might otherwise result in lost business in the future.
  6. Telephone customer satisfaction surveys are more competitive in that clients are not confronted with the costs of postage, printing and data entry costs.
  7. Redhill Group’s rapid response Customer Satisfaction research gives clients a competitive edge in managing their business relationships.