Case Examples: Challenges & Solutions

Redhill Group has garnered a wide client base across several industries relying on our customer satisfaction research expertise.  Extensive experience with customer satisfaction methodologies allows Redhill Group to routinely create and execute research programs that measure, evaluate and track customer satisfaction and service performance.

Redhill Group recognizes that each particular client has different needs in this area of research.  As members of their research team, Redhill Group helps identify particular challenges and then tailors a customized research program to help achieve their specific customer satisfaction objectives.

The following are examples of customer satisfaction research programs Redhill Group has provided its clients:

Casual Dining : Customer Satisfaction : Service Mystery Shops
Redhill Group and a national casual dining chain establishment jointly designed a comprehensive auditing process that was subsequently executed by Redhill Group. Read more about this study here.

National Blind Manufacturing Company : Sales Performance Audits
To ensure that its sales team pro-actively meets customer needs, a national blind manufacturing company contracted with Redhill Group to audit the quality of its service for all locations of the Mid-Atlantic retail chain in addition to retail locations of key competitors. Read more about this study here.

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