Q.  When do I use telephone interviewing?
A.  Telephone interviewing is preferred by clients for several reasons.  It allows for faster turnaround times on surveys and helps obtain more detailed data.  Another area where telephone interviewing is especially helpful is promptly alerting clients to customer satisfaction problems.  There is a much quicker turnaround time involved in addressing problems, thereby preventing loss of business. Telephone interviewing also provides better cost and time savings than mail surveys.

Q.  What is silent monitoring?
A.  Silent monitoring is a telephone-based system allowing staff to hear surveys in progress.  This ensures that surveyors are asking questions in a neutral tone, thereby not introducing bias during the survey.

Q.  How do I achieve a high response rate?
A.  To achieve high response rates, it is important to work around respondents’ schedules and offer numerous calling alternatives.  This makes a dramatic difference in the volume of completed surveys Redhill Group obtains for their clients.  For respondents who cannot participate when called, Redhill Group offers a scheduled callback or a toll-free telephone number to call when they become available.  Redhill Group makes multiple call attempts to all respondents.

Q.  When should I use each ranging scale?
A.  This depends on frequency of service.  Clients should examine whether they’re measuring satisfaction with something that is for example a one-time purchase or a regular activity, such as visiting a fast-food establishment multiple times per week.   Other factors include whether it’s more important to rate relative to the competition versus individually, and whether it’s more important to improve performance over time or raise your position in the marketplace.  Lastly, clients should determine whether they’re measuring the actual performance or measuring performance relative to what people expect to receive.  For all of these considerations, they should assess whether current or long-range satisfaction is most important to them.