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Entertainment Spotlight is a quarterly consumer survey that is conducted with 600 randomly selected households and provides access to critical research question at an affordable cost. Clients use Entertainment Spotlight to monitor:

  1. Consumer awareness and attitudes
  2. Brand preferences
  3. Advertising effectiveness
  4. Interest, usage, and trial of new products and services
  5. Competitive positioning

Digital Marketraks is an informed source on what consumers are and are not doing on the digital front. From cell phones to digital cameras to I-Pods, entertainment is not just a home based experience. As consumers take entertainment with them, we provide you with monthly and quarterly profiles that allow you to follow how they are using the latest technology.

High-def Marketracks is the comprehensive source of information for trends in high definition adoption and usage. We track consumer awareness, attitudes and purchase intent on high-definition hardware and software. Monthly and quarterly profiles are available allowing you to track subtle shifts in consumer behavior.

The report provides and in-depth analysis of movement within the high-def market based on data collected from 600 randomly selected US households and covers:

  1. High-def Ownership
          Set-top players
          Game consoles
  2.  Length of Ownership
  3. Awareness
  4. Purchase intent
  5. Entertainment Consumption