National Consumer Truck Rental Company

National Consumer Truck Rental Company : Customer Service Audit Study

Redhill Group created a quality assurance audit program that helped a national consumer truck rental company improve the service quality its reservations department provides to potential customers.

National Consumer Truck Rental companies compete directly with several other national truck rental companies. Most truck rental reservations are made via telephone, rather than in person at the point-of-service pick-up / drop-off locations. Since this telephone call is usually the customer’s first contact, it is essential that the reservation agents provide customer’s with courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient service in order to close the sale.

Although price and fleet availability are core competition factors in this industry, the individual companies recognize that the quality of service provide during the telephone reservation process can provide a competitive edge.

Based on the particular nature of this industry, Redhill Group created a quality assurance audit program that helps to improve the service quality its reservation services provides to potential customers. Redhill Group conducts ‘mystery shop’ service audits each month by telephone for all stores throughout Southern California, Arizona, and Las Vegas. The Redhill Group service audits assess the level of customer service provided at each store.

Redhill Group has designed a reporting system that provides a complete program to measure performance levels and serve as an employee incentive to continuously improve performance. Redhill Group research program tracks, measures, and evaluates critical reservation services including the agent’s knowledge about trucks and their ability to assess customer needs in an accurate and timely manner.

Redhill Group’s detailed monthly service audit report provides a management tool that identifies overall reservation service averages, positive and negative trends, and any specific areas that may require improvement.