National Blind Manufacturing Company

National Blind Manufacturing Company : Sales Performance Audits

To ensure that its sales team pro-actively meets customer needs, a National Blind Manufacturing Company contracted with Redhill Group to audit the quality of its service for all locations of the Mid-Atlantic retail chain in addition to retail locations of key competitors.

In order to keep their leadership position in the market, the client has worked consistently with the Redhill Group to conduct weekly surveys of customers who purchase the products and installation services.

Redhill Group designed a survey process that captures immediate feedback by conducting a brief telephone survey on the customers’ satisfaction level with the custom made blinds, the quality of service they received at the retail site, and the quality of service they received from the professional measurer / installer. The surveys are conducted within a few days of the customer’s installation date and management is immediately alerted of any dissatisfied customers by Redhill Group’s customized “Fax Action Alerts.”

Redhill Group’s rapid customer feedback service allows the client’s management to promptly resolve any product or service issues. Redhill Group also provides a weekly data file of survey results, coded by store location, customer name, purchase date, salesperson name, measurer name, and installer name, thus allowing the client to monitor overall customer satisfaction levels.