Ad Tracking

National Publication 
The Redhill Group conducted a survey of advertisers for a national publication to address several key issues that could influence selection of the publication for advertising purposes. Redhill Group assessed their interest in alternative editorial content options, publishing schedule, and magazine layout.  Read more here.

Children’s Museum : Awareness and Attitudes Survey
Prior to  the Children’s Museum opening its new facility, the Redhill Group conducted telephone surveys with both the general public and teachers who played a pivotal role in generating awareness of the new facility.   Measuring awareness and attitudes through this feedback allowed for more effective marketing campaigns targeting the right audience in a timely fashion.  Read more here.

Community Recreation Organization: Baseline Awareness and Attitude Study 
The Redhill Group conducted a baseline awareness and attitude Study for a nonprofit community recreation organization.  Survey results included awareness of the organization’s objectives, programs, and locations.  It also identified residents’ attitudes towards the organization.  Read more here.