Commitment to Clients

The quality of research conducted by Redhill Group is partly influenced by our understanding of each client’s particular needs and objectives.  Similarly, the effectiveness of research conducted by Redhill Group is influenced by the client’s understanding of the data and its management applications.

In order for our work to genuinely meet your needs, Redhill Group views itself as an extension of your management team.  Redhill Group is committed to working closely together to provide the follow-up support needed for market research to serve as an effective management tool.

Redhill Group believes the development of meaningful and actionable research data starts at the beginning of a project.  Our firm routinely conducts kick-off meetings with clients at the beginning of projects to ensure we thoroughly understand all project objectives.

In addition to kick-off meetings, steps we take to maintain smooth partnerships include:

  1. We’re receptive and prompt in responding to all client calls and inquiries.
  2. We provide frequent and regular progress reports.  Information about any delays are immediately communicated to clients.
  3. Redhill Group works as a team with clients to ensure they understand the data and how to apply it.  Redhill Group does not believe in “data dumping.”
  4. Redhill Group takes care to address all problems or concerns clients have regarding our research in support of our commitment to the best possible service.

As part of your research team, Redhill Group also provides frequent and regular communication regarding project progress.  Our CATI system allows project managers to easily monitor data collection status, and adjust staffing requirements if necessary.  We keep you informed and notify you immediately if unexpected delays occur that are beyond Redhill Group’s control.

We take professional pride in the quality of business relationships we cultivate in addition to the quality of research we conduct.  We do not believe in locking our clients into long-term contractual obligations, rather we let our research quality serve as the best means of growing lasting relationships.

Redhill Group appreciates the value of customer satisfaction research and is committed to providing clients with a level of service that reflects that.  Redhill Group’s goal is not to simply meet clients’ expectations, but to exceed them.