Product Positioning

Businesses have long regarded Redhill Group’s expertise as an indispensable instrument in achieving the most desirable positioning within their market.   Utilizing Redhill Group’s research services has enabled hundreds of clients to overcome growth barriers at every stage.  New product testing and product differentiation and feasibility studies are just a few ways Redhill Group has helped them improve consumer awareness, liking and general perceptions.

We promptly identify the desired message clients want to convey to consumers along with the communications strategy needed to achieve that.  With this knowledge we have designed studies that have helped clients achieve increased demand, product recognition, and ultimately sales volume. For many, our research studies have meant the difference between stagnating profit levels and recognizing their product’s full potential.

We have the experience behind us to identify the best research methodologies and combine them with real-world marketing experience and statistical data analysis to yield the most effective actionable recommendations.

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